from by Celestial Machine



i sit at home and realize
that I'm the only one alive
in my whole town
the shadows keep on creeping through
with each dark day in front of you
that holds me down
why is now the time they choose
to pick the fight we're born to lose
all mankind
i trudge forth in this barren land
to take a stand against the man
we fight or die
without the head the body dies
and against the grain the poorest thrive
and now we ride

I found my desolation
just peeking around the edge
i cry for consolation
but nothing is the same
fear is my deprivation
that i can't comprehend
as i feel the separation
like flesh ripped from my hand

these dark days of desolation
They come around again
christ leads this occupation
of turning the world to sand

i fear no isolation
in this barren land
cry out in desolation
only one will stand


from Desolation, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Celestial Machine regina, Saskatchewan

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